Aug 182015


Updated Revised Jamboree Schedule 2015Rules: Each game will be two 12 minute halfs, running clock. 12 minutes on offense and 12 minutes on defense. Each team will be granted one time out per half! The home team will be in offense first and away team on defense first. (no coin toss). There are no special teams.

The ball will be placed on the 40 yrd line of the half field used for the games. Teams will have 12 minutes of offense and 12 minutes of defense. If the offense team scores, the ball will be placed back on the 40 yrd line and they will continue offense until the 12 minute clock is up. Fumbles & Interceptions will be blown dead and the offense will be given the ball back on the line of scrimmage for the previous play.

Each team will need to be at the site a minimum of 45 minutes prior to the game time. The teams will warm up in the corner of end zone for the half of the field & sideline they will be using. Teams will exit the player boxes quickly upon the completion of their game to make  room for the next team. All team meetings must be held outside of the fenced area of the fields. (in spectator area) There will not be any meeting teams to shake hands due to the amount of games and the schedule.

Jan 052015

Outlaws Nation PhotoCreeks Football League has several board member positions that will be open for 2016 Football Season.  If you feel you are up for a great opportunity to assist in taking this league to the next level, please complete the inquiry found under the Board Member Tab for 2016 Board Members.  Not ALL listed positions are open for 2016 season, please let us know what position interests you the most. We will contact you to discuss. All of these positions are a volunteer role and requires you to be available at all times! We couldn’t be a successful league with out great volunteers like you! Please consider joining our Championship league!