Apr 072014

Tiny Mite Outlaws Gold – Steve Owens
Tiny Mite Outlaws Black – Pat Cussen
Tiny Mite Outlaws White – TBD

Mighty Mite Outlaws Gold – Dan Davenport
Mighty Mite Outlaws Black – TBD

Junior Pee Wee Outlaws Gold – Chris Kinnett
Junior Pee Wee Outlaws Black – Craig Boller

Pee Wee Outlaws Gold – Bryan Davis
Pee Wee Outlaws Black – Bill Lee

Junior Midget Outlaws Gold – John Calhoun
Junior Midget Outlaws Black – TBD

Jan 222014
  • In person registration will be held at Plantation Park from 1 to 4 pm every Sunday from February 2nd and ending Feb. 23rd 2014.
  • Registration cost for in person registration will be $185.00 and will require a non-refundable $100 dollar deposit.
  • After February 23rd, all registrations will be handled online unless otherwise noted and the registration fee will be $225.00 with a non-refundable $100 deposit. The $225.00 registration fee will begin March 1st and run until April 1st.
  • After April 1st the registration fee will be $250.00 with a non refundable $100 dollar deposit
  • *Note – $100 non refundable deposit is part of the total registration fee ($185 includes deposit, $225 includes deposit, $250 includes deposit)
Dec 202013
President Chris Kinnett
Vice President Bryan Davis
Secretary Steve Owens
Treasurer Chrissie Cutler
Football Director Rick Butler
IT Director Jeff Stenzel
Cheer Director Shanna Bragg
Equipment Director Brian Grimm
Field Director Pat Cussen
Fundraising Director Melissa Owens
Spirit Wear Director Dara Grimm
Concessions Director Mollie Hughes
Scholastics and Team Parent Director Kirsten Butler
Weighmaster Director Jonathan Calhoun
Registration Director Jason Cutler
Safety/Training Director Chris Webber
Public Relations Director Peter O’Brien
Past President Angelo Vespi
Director At Large Rob Muley
Director At Large Mike Manno