Nov 042016

We will be at the field house on Sunday, 11/13 from (12-4pm) accepting equipment. This is a MANDATORY EQUIPMENT return date. Parents/players are NOT required to be there, we just need the equipment returned to prepare for next season. ALL players are to return, helmets, shoulder pads and two pair of (CLEANED/WASHED) practice pants in good condition. Some of you may not have received all of the listed items; we have that documented. If ALL documented items are NOT returned on 11/13, you will be invoiced for the amount of $200and will not be able to participate in another CFL/CDL season until payment is made in full.  This is for ALL football teams with the exception of JPW Black – Davenport’s team, since you are going to regionals, we will have an alternative date for you.

Please follow the schedule as listed for returns:

12:00pm Tiny Mite Gold & Black Teams

1:00pm Mitey Mite Gold & Black Teams

2:00pm Mite Mite Silver & Neon Teams

3:00pm JPW Gold & PW Gold Teams