Jul 252016

O with Flag

Equipment Distribution for Football is this Saturday!

The following Schedule is as follows:


  9:00 am TM Gold
10:00 am TM Black

11:00 am MM Black

12:00 pm MM Neon

  1:00 pm PeeWee Gold
2:00 pm Jr PeeWee Gold
3:00 pm MM Silver
4:00 pm Jr PeeWee Black

All teams are required to meet their coaches at the concession area, line up in alphabetical order and walk in together to get their photo’s taken, equipment fitted and assigned. We will have spirit wear available for sale (CASH ONLY). We will also have the concession stand open for drinks and snacks (CASH ONLY). All players are required to have at least one parent present to sign out equipment!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Go Outlaws!