Affiliated with Greater Jacksonville Pop Warner (GJPW), the Creeks Football League (CFL) supports over 300 young athletes, participating in youth tackle football and cheerleading. 

Registration will open on January 31st and will remain open until May 15th. Our season begins on August 1st and typically goes until the first of November depending on how far a team advances in playoffs.

Commencing in 2020, CFL and the Creeks Developmental League (CDL) will merge together underneath the CFL Outlaws program. Under this alignment, all tackle football players, regardless of team assignment, will be Outlaws. 

Furthermore, there will be three distinct team designations this year. Within the Greater Jacksonville Pop Warner (GJPW) Football Conference there will be an aged-based track (8U, 10U, 12U), and an age/weight track (Tiny Mite, Mighty Mite, Junior Pee Wee, Pee Wee). There will also be a third, non GJPW option. This option will be more in line with the previous CDL model.  Under this option, our recreational Outlaw teams will not play games through GJPW. These teams will play games internal to the park, with the possibility of also picking up non-association, independent league games with external parks. 

PLEASE NOTE: When registering for CFL, Executive Board members and Coaches will assign players to designated teams. This is due to the realignment of CFL and CDL. GJPW allows the formation of both aged based and age/weight teams.  The CFL umbrella will also accommodate a non GJPW option. Due to these factors, placement on a specific team cannot be guaranteed. The forming of teams will be based on a combination of factors, to include: age, weight, attempting to accommodate requests from parents, players experience and roster availability.  Our number one priority is to provide a safe and fun environment for all our athletes to develop and succeed both on and off the football field.  Please contact the CFL Board with any further questions regarding this change. 

If you plan to volunteer as a Coach or Team Parent, that child MUST play for the team that you are volunteering for. You may sign-up to volunteer while registering your athlete.

You may email for general registration questions, for football specific questions, and for cheer specific questions.  


Pop Warner has two paths of participating in tackle football. You can play the traditional version (age/weight), or the new age-based (age only, with no weight limit). See the details below for both divisions:


Age Division Birthdays
  8U                          8/1/2011 - 7/31/2013
10U                          8/1/2009 - 7/31/2011
12U                          8/1/2007 - 7/31/2009

Division & Weight          Ages                               Birthdays
  Tiny Mite  

    (35-75 lbs)                   5, 6 & 7 year old              8/1/12 - 7/31/15

  Mitey Mite  

    (45-100 lbs)                7, 8, & 9 year old              8/1/10 - 7/31/13

  Jr. Pee Wee
    (60-115 lbs)                8, 9 & 10 year old             8/1/09 - 7/31/12   

    (60-95 lbs O/L)           11 year old                        8/1/08 - 7/31/09

  Pee Wee
    (75-130 lbs)               9, 10 & 11 year old            8/1/08 - 7/31/11    

    (75-110 lbs O/L)        12 year old                         8/1/07 - 7/31/08

*O/L = Older/Lighter player

Most teams practice 2-3 days a week with games every Saturday. This extracurricular activity requires repetitive practices to instill the skills into each player. Registration will close once teams are full, then additional registrants will be placed on a waitlist. 


The CFL non-GJPW option is an innovative youth tackle football program for 6 through 12 year olds geared specifically to harboring a safe and enjoyable sports experience for everyone. Teams under this format will be formed by age groups. Specifically:

Age/Division          Birthdays
  8U                         8/1/2011 - 7/31/2013

10U                         8/1/2009 - 7/31/2011
12U                         8/1/2007 - 7/31/2009

*Based on registration numbers

Players will compete against each other (and possibly other teams) throughout the football season, playing 8 football games.  As a result, all participants in this program derive significant benefit from the experience by developing new skills, gaining increased confidence, self-respect and self-worth, all while learning valuable life lessons including sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, acceptance of discipline and the respect of others.   

You may email for general registration questions and for football specific questions. 


CFL also offers a sideline and competitive cheerleading league. Cheer has competitions throughout the season along with cheering each Saturday for a designated football team. 

Same as our football programs, the season begins on August 1st and can last until the 2nd week of December. Extended season is January thru July (should the Cheer Director decide to continue with the competitive season). Most teams practice 2-3 days a week with games on every Saturday. 

Registration will close once teams are full, then additional registrants will be placed on a waitlist. Our cheerleading program is for athletes 5 to 15 years old. 

If you plan to volunteer as a Coach or Team Parent, you may sign-up to volunteer while registering your athlete. 

You may email for general registration questions and cheerdirector@cfloutlaws.comfor cheer specific questions. 



 The deadline to receive a 100% refund is May 15, 2020 and to receive a 50% refund, the deadline is May 31, 2020.    

NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER May 31 2020, without the express approval of the Executive Board for extreme circumstances.  Acceptance into Middle School Football or Cheer does not constitute a circumstance where a refund would be granted after the 5/31/2020 deadline. Unfortunately, we will not honor a refund request if you register your child for CFL but he/she tries out and is chosen for his/her Middle School Football or Cheer Team. CFL needs to ensure it has enough players registered and coaches chosen to field a team. We apologize for the inconvenience.